Keep Tightly Closed

Patient: It’s been one month since my last visit and I still feel miserable.

Doctor: Did you follow the instructions on the medicine I gave you?

Patient: I sure did – the bottle said ‘keep tightly closed.’Medicine_Jar_clip_art_hight

In John 8: 31, Jesus told them, “If you hold to my teaching, you really are my disciples.” and in verse 32: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Jesus said this to a group of Jews who believed in Him.  He had just finished telling them things they did not yet understand about His father, but He was patient with them and guided them with His words. He was about to open up the greatest news the world has ever known.  But He knew the tendency for his disciples would be to “keep tightly closed” the message they receive.  They were still thinking that the Good News was just for the Jews.  Today we know that the Good News is for everyone… every lost little lamb.

Inside that bottle of pills is the medicine for the patient to get better, if he would only open it up and use it!  Inside the Good News is the “medicine” we need for a sin-sick world, if we will only open it up and use it to help others!

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