Beautiful, yet deadly (if you’re a fly).  The Venus Flytrap grows in sub-tropical areas in the Southeast section of the United States in North and South Carolina. When an insect or spider crawling along the leaves contacts a hair, the trap prepares to close, snapping shut only if another contact occurs within approximately twenty seconds of the first strike. Triggers may occur if one-tenth of the insect is within contact.  The requirement of redundant triggering in this mechanism serves as a safeguard against wasting energy by trapping objects with no nutritional value, and the plant will only begin digestion after five more stimuli to ensure it has caught a live bug worthy of consumption.venus fly trap

Once trapped, the bug has very little chance of survival.

It reminds me of what my mom used to say, “Don’t play on the Devil’s playground!”  She meant that when we dabble into things we know are wrong, we run the risk of getting trapped into sin. The Venus Flytrap is not repulsive to the bug; actually it is very attractive and alluring. It smells like a perfect dinner to the bug.  It has beautiful colors to signal how desirable it is to its prey.  Our enemy does the same with sin.  He makes it beautiful and desirable.  Yet it’s a trap.  Once ensnared, you have very little chance of survival, except that Jesus is prepared to save you, and has made the way possible already, to escape.

Be smart.  Don’t play on the Devil’s playground.  But if you find yourself trapped, cry out to Jesus.

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