Explosion in the Print Shop

Dr. Arthur Conklin, once a biologist of Princeton University, wrote: “The probability of life originating from an accident is comparable to the probability of an unabridged dictionary resulting from an explosion in a print shop.”


What kind of value does that give the dictionary?  It was just an accident.  It can’t really be worth much.  Would you trust this dictionary to give you the right answers to your questions?  Me neither.

What kind of value does evolution give to a human being?  If it was just an accident, then it really can’t be worth much.  Maybe you’ve been told in subtle and insinuating ways that you aren’t worth much.  That’s just not true.  You are worth so much that the King of the Universe, who made you, is willing to die for you, and He did. He is waiting with outstretched hands to grab you from the pit in which you have found yourself.  “He longs to have you reach after Him by faith. He longs to have you expect great things from Him. He longs to give you understanding in temporal as well as in spiritual matters. He can sharpen the intellect. He can give tact and skill.” (MLT 115)

Go ahead.  Grab His hand and take Him at His word.  Today.  Right now.

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