Pass it on

Mildred had lived a  life of hard work and sweet triumphs.  She had her sons and daughter to whom she had taught the value of earning your own way in the world.  She had taught them the approach to farm life and the love of God.  She had cooked, cleaned, clothed them, grew a garden, milked the cows, and hugged each one of them.  Then they grew up.

They in turn, got married, gave Mildred grandchildren, and again she taught them all she could, and especially the love of God.  By now she had grown older, but so had her trust in God; older and sweeter.  By now her faith was stronger than ever and her feeble hand held on to the promises of her Savior.  And the grandchildren grew up.

old woman and baby

So it goes.  Babies and grandmothers are born on the same day.  You may feel as if you have no great calling, but you do.  You have family that needs to hear from you the story of your walk with the Lord.  You have children watching you to see if you remain true to your faith and if you lean on Jesus.  You have babies to hold,  stories to tell and faith to strengthen.

Thank you, Mildred, for reminding us of this.

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