Weathering the Stormy Weather

It’s storm season.  In some places there’s flooding, in others, thunder and lightening.  Here in North Dakota, we see wind, hail and tornadoes. In the midst of a storm of majestic proportions, there is a feeling of wild abandonment because there is nothing we can control: not the rain, the direction, the savagery nor intent of the storm.  We know we’re in for a  turbulent ride. It can be scary, too.

dakota storm

An old man applied for a job at a desolate ranch one late evening.  He had walked long on the dusty trail and was very tired.  The ranch owner needed help, but one look at the old man and he thought, This guy won’t do me much good.  But being interested in the old man’s story he asked, “why should I hire you?”  The old man replied, “because I can sleep through a storm.”  That seemed like a strange answer, but the rancher hired him on anyway.  Through the next two weeks the old man worked slowly, but steadily and with thoroughness.  One night a great wind and driving rain pushed across the plains and hit with fury the rancher’s place.  The rancher jumped out of bed and ran to the bunk house.  Crashing through the door he found the old man sleeping soundly.  He sure can sleep through a storm, thought the rancher.  “HEY!” he called.  “Wake up!  Don’t you see the storm?  Don’t you know the horses will be afraid? and the cows will run off?”  The old man turned over in his bunk.  “I told you I can sleep through a storm.”

“But what does that mean?” the rancher yelled.

“It means,” said the old man, “That the corrals are shut.  The barn is bolted.  The horses are in the stable.  The dogs are in the kennels.  The hay is covered.  It means I am prepared for the storm and have nothing to worry about.” Then he rolled over and went back to sleep.

Mark 4:37-38 

Jesus was sleeping in the boat because he had nothing to worry about.  The disciples had something to learn from Him.  Preparing for the storm means enriching your relationship with Jesus, reading His love story to you, talking to your best Friend all the time.  It means you will have nothing to worry about.

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