Feeling Helpless

We all, at times have wondered what to do about the situation we have found ourselves in.


I remember a time when my daughter was very young, maybe two years old.  She was having trouble breathing and I couldn’t understand why. We took her to the emergency room where the doctor told us she was having an allergic reaction.  For the longest time (it seemed like hours) I sat beside her little body as she struggled to breathe.  Her eyes were wide, pleading.  Yet there was nothing I could do.  It was a few minutes after the nurses had hooked up an IV bag to start the medicine that she began to breathe normally.  But the ache in my heart lasted longer.  I worried; would this happen again?  Would this be a life-long struggle we would go through? Would it affect the way she grew up?  As a parent I was ready to do anything to help her.  Fortunately we learned the cause was the new puppy we gave her.  She was allergic to dogs.

Kinda reminds me of King David, before he was the king, hiding in the caves from Saul who sought to kill him.  He was hiding from a powerful foe and he didn’t know what to do.  Would this be a life-long struggle for David?  Would he have to go through this again?  He sat in the dank, wet and cold cave and wrote these words:

“I cry out loudly to God,
    loudly I plead with God for mercy.
I spill out all my complaints before him,
    and spell out my troubles in detail.”

Notice how he had the courage to tell God exactly what was bothering him.  Then he said,

“As I sink in despair, my spirit ebbing away,
    you know how I’m feeling,
Know the danger I’m in,
    the traps hidden in my path.
Look right, look left—
    there’s not a soul who cares what happens!
I’m up against it, with no exit—
    bereft, left alone.
I cry out, God, call out:
    ‘You’re my last chance, my only hope for life!’
Oh listen, please listen;
    I’ve never been this low.
Rescue me from those who are hunting me down;
    I’m no match for them.
Get me out of this dungeon
    so I can thank you in public.
Your people will form a circle around me
    and you’ll bring me showers of blessing!” (Psalm 142, The Message)

We may not be hunted down as David was,  but we will find ourselves in a metaphorical cave crying out to God, “You’re my last chance, my only hope for life!” Save me!  Save my daughter!  Save my job!  Save my marriage. And you know,  He will “…bring showers of blessing!”

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